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  • Start date1 July
  • Duration6 months
  • Price 10,000֏ per month
  • Weekly6 hours
  • LevelBeginner
  • Certification & Internship

Frequently Asked Questions

C++ is a pre-compiled programming language and doesn't need any interpreter during compilation. C++ holds its own as one of the most widely used languages for scripting. Meanwhile Python is an interpreted language and it runs through an interpreter during compilation. Python is used for web development, AI, machine learning, operating systems, mobile application development, and video games.
Each course duration per week is 6 hours scheduled either 2 days per week with 3 hours or 3 days per week with 2 hours each day.
The courses are online for everyone regardless the location and offline courses are held at GITC office in Gyumri. We suggest daytime and evening time schedules, so our students are flexible to choose the most comfortable time.
Our trainers are representing the biggest technological companies in Armenia with more than 7 years experience. Upon successful graduation GITC is providing certificate of completion in Armenian and English. The most exciting part for our graduates is the possibility of receiving interesting gifts.
GITC graduates are introduced to the tech companies for internship opportunities. We are actively collaborating with the tech companies to promote the employment of our successful graduates.
GITC is not a business to make profit from trainings, GITC foundation is supported by the Fund for Armenian relief and American-Armenian donors to co-finance students’ tuitions and promote the technological capacity building especially among the people interested in programming. GITC has innovative approach and market driven curriculum offering its courses also to the vulnerable groups free of charge.